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Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology has undergone an important update in the last 10 years, researched and modified through studies in neuro-anatomy by doctors that have agreed in the efficacy of stimulation as an auxiliary therapy of orthodox medicine. The methodology used at the time beeing is a combination of the oriental medicine, acupuncture, zonetherapy and neurological observations. Not only a diagnose can be achieved, but also a treatment to many diseases. It works by releasing endorphines and neurotransmiters, which are released by the meridians and nerves stimulation, in many areas of the CNS.

TI is a therapeutic and professional treatment used in many pathologies and a preventive method as well. Diseases like reumatism, arthritis, migraine, allergies, tensions, muscular lesions, digestive problems, sexual disturbances and stress symptoms all respond well to this therapy.

Reflexology is a very natural technique, without toxic factors, very relaxing and painless. For this reason this method is used in Hospitals in Denmark for children, usually in cases of colics, asthma and eczema. The method of podal/facial reflexology is an effective therapy developed by Proffesor Lone Sorensen, who offers an up-to-date therapy of high quality with an international level recognition by the OHMS (Humanitary and Health Organization).

Lone Sorensen Lopez and her husband, carry out their teaching and treating activities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Mexico, Japan and Spain.

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