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Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is a modern technique that has its roots in the oriental medicine. This is a method that mainly tries to find a solution to what causes a disease. This means that instead of treating symptoms, the organic, physical and emotional unbalances are treated. These ones are the cause of the disease. The method beeing used has gone through long trials and it is a combined methodology of the oriental medicine, the aboriginal primitive techniques and modern investigations in neuro-anatomy.

Facial reflexology is a combination of zonetherapy and up-to-date reflexology, made so by neurological observations.

Through stimulation it is possible to send impulses through the CNS to certain organs, increase blood circulation, regulate the body chemistry and treat the emotional area. It is also possible to get a diagnose of the patient`s health condition as a part of the same methodology. Facial reflexology is a technique that consists of a very precise stimulation through points, after a zonal work, it is possible to combine points with certain qualities stimulating this way the area of the CNS where the information is distributed to the area of the body that corresponds. After 24 years of investigation, the method is valid in the rehabilitacion centers for patients with brain damage. Lone Sorensen López was given, in 2001, a nobility price for her research and humanitary work by the OHMS, (a Humanitary and Health Organization). Facial reflexology treats organic and emotional diseases.

Anxiety, fatigue, poor memory, insomnia, etc. It also improves and builds up new tissue, so that the person also looks better.

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